The followings are the examples of our programs that we offered our clients:

Leadership : targeted for leaders and managers
To enhance you team performance, learn knowledge and skill required to be a leader

Tell the difference between leadership and management to know both are important

Understand three elements that facilitate team activities

Experience essence of the three elements to apply to your business

Learn a way to improve communication skill that can apply to your business

Study how to motivate people in order to raise their performance and to lower turnover

Know an effective way of training personnel to follow through

Give lectures through the eyes of participants—undisclose your failure or success; win their hearts to help them cultivate a learning attitude and deepen understanding.
Strategy/Marketing : targeted for leaders and managers
To structure your own experience, learn the basics of marketing strategies and frameworks

What is a strategy?

Five elements of strategies: battle field/competitors; unique assets; strength/differentiation; target customers; messages

Think of where to fight and who to compete; It helps you to find a new battle field and its strategy

What is your company's strength and the differentiation? Define your unique assets that support them.

Compose a proper message by clarifying client segmentation and your targets

Through our distinctive framework practice, you will clearly understand about strategic thinking and customer orientation.
Problem Solving : targeted for mid-level employees and leaders
To learn a problem solving approach needed in business fields and required frameworks

The basics of problem solving

Problem solving in business: 
Overview; Separate; Dispose; See relevance

Tool (frame):
 Logic tree; Matrix: Chain separation; Overlapped pictures

Utilize tools studied in free practice

Tips for easily generating hypothesis (Develop your intellect by quiz)

Spreading thoughts (The basics of brainstorming)

Not mastering difficult theories but repeating practical drills will lead you to think for yourself.
Cross-cultural understanding : targeted for potential global managers
To know your domestic culture to tell the difference from other cultures and customs

Understand realistic foreign cultures based on Professor Geert Hofstede’s cultural studies on how workplaces are influenced by culture

Power gap; Uncertainty avoidance; Individualism; Masculinity; Long term orientation

Learn from cross-cultural experiences in the real world

Know do's and don'ts in doing business in other countries

Master realistic cross cultural difference through numerous meetings and interactions with people worldwide.
Communications : targeted for business professionals
To know yourself and understand the basics of communication to establish a smooth relationship with others

Study how to establish a smooth relationship

Grasp a style of communication

Understand about active listening, empathy, questioning, and feedback

Know a nonverbal communication “process" in which feelings and body reactions go on

Feeling and dealing with the process lead you to dramatically improve skills of building personal relationship and membership. As a result, a potential power of your team will improve.