Teppei Ikeda

Teppei Ikeda is one of the few multi-lingual Japanese HRD consultants who can provide leadership, team development and executive coaching to global companies. Ikeda has extinguished knowledge about learning development through his overseas working experience and entrepreneurship. Prior to the human development business he ran telecommunication venture for few years. On average he helps over 1000 managers every year in various countries. So far he trained over 39 nationalities in his career. Ikeda is well known about his methodology and passionate approach to figure out people's strength as the leader. His methodology, learning tips, advices and insights help his client's career development. Ikeda believes that people can maximize their potential with learning.

He has written a book in Japanese
"Selling the financial products in six days"

Certification related HRD
MBTI Practitioner,
NLP Practitioner
DISG Trainer certification
Action learning certification


Yoshinori SATO

Strategy & Tactics Corporation, CEO Sato joined NTT the marketing and sales As acting Product Manager, he supervised marketing, sales, and R&D of major gum brand. In marketing agency (affiliate of Omnicom Group), Sato was the head of Sales Team and then head of Consulting Team. In 2006, he established Strategy & Tactics Corporation as CEO and President. Sato has profound experience in marketing consultancy including large media firm, major real-estate firm, B to B manufacturer, cosmetics manufacturer, logistics provider, airline, credit card company, etc.

He has written 7 books in Japanese including the best-selling book
"Sell a Hole to Sell your drill".

B.A ., Waseda University,
MBA in Strategic Management and Marketing,
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, 1996


Junichi Taoka

Jayship Inc., President Taoka began his career as a designer for a major building-materials manufacturer but soon felt the need for a career change. Taoka joined the sales department of McDonald's Japan where he built a strong foundation in the fields of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction through the planning and execution of several corporate initiatives including the 'Total Customer Service' project. At McDonald's Japan Taoka would move on to work at Hamburger University where he successively held the positions of professor, vice-president and head of training development. Taoka served as the Japanese representative and a pivotal member on a team that lead global change projects for all employees trainings, from part-time staff to middle management. Certified as a 'Master Trainer,' he developed and introduced several development programs for internal trainers.

After leaving McDonald's Japan, Taoka founded his own company, Jayship, its mission to support HR development in 2006. He acts as a consultant to create training programs for a broad range of major businesses including restaurant chains and electronics manufacturers. In addition he works with leading service station industries to provide business consulting with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. At present, in addition to serving as a trainer and coach, he also works with both Japanese and foreign-owned finance, retail and manufacturing firms to create general training and internal trainer development programs. His forte is facilitating HR development and communication-skill trainings .


Toru Nishida

Education, Inc., President Nishida can provide Business Skill Training(Marketing, Strategy, Logical Thinking, Basic Accounting, and etc.), Organizational Development( Teambuilding, World Caf_, Open Space Technology, and etc.), Strategic Coaching for Executive(Teaching and helping executives to make their own strategic plan and its implementation),and Facilitating Strategic Communication(Let executives discuss about strategic issues among them, and make change in their organization). Nishida joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1988 as Sales and Planning of business education services, moved to The Boston Consulting Group as a consultant in 1994, where he innovated R&D process of a cosmetic company and redefined head office role of a construction company. Nishida experienced the president of Hikari Corp. Consulting, Business Training, Research Outsourcing in 1996, and the vice president of Current Inc., Sales and implementation of email marketing plan for blue chip companies, such as Nissan, Yamaha, ANA, etc. in 2000.Finally he established Education Inc. in 2005.

He has written 6 books in Japanese including
"Marketing Basics".

Master of Science in Agricultural Chemistry, Kyoto University in 1988
MBA, New York University (NYU),1993


Masatsugu Fujii

Professor, WASEDA University, Faculty of Science & Engineering Fujii is doing research on management communication in English for various business situations such as presentation, negotiation, meetings and speech. Fujii is doing research on how to develop global leaders. Based on his experience in global business for 30 years, He firmly believe effective global leaders need to have the following 3 skills: problem finding and solving skills, basic knowledge and application skills of major MBA subjects, and effective communication skills. Fujii is working on how to train future business leaders who are properly equipped with all these 3 essential skills. Fujii is doing research on how companies should globalize themselves to operate and compete effectively in cross-border economy.

He has written13 books in Japanese including
"MBA Classrooms" and "The practical MBA for business and classroom use".

A.B. in Mathematics Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1972
M.A. in Mathematics Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1974
Advanced Management Program Harvard Business School, 1999


Atsushi Funakawa

Managing Partner, Global Impact Inc. Funakawa conducts numerous business seminars featuring global management, problem solving and leadership at organizations and schools on both side of the Pacific Ocean. His seminars have assisted more than 30,000 professionals throughout Asia, the US, Russia and Europe in their quest to build synergy across organizations and national boundaries. As a bilingual process consultant, Funakawa has conducted various cross-border organizational intervention projects, particularly for global companies. These projects include transferring organizational learning programs, aligning post merger integration, and facilitating change management. Funakawa received his B.A. degree from Keio University, Tokyo, in law and his MBA in international management from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. His first book, "Transcultural Management - A New approach for Global Organizations", Jossey-Bass, October 1997, was reviewed as "breaking out of an American-centric approach to global management" in the USA.

He has written 15 books in Japanese, including
"Global Leader: The discipline and Perspectives", a dialogue with Kenichi Ohmae.

B.A. in law, Keio University, 1980
MBA in international management, Thunderbird, School of Global Management, 1991