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Founder message

Atsushi AK Kimura President and 'Genki Producer' PACHS Corporation

Bridge The Gap Between JapanAnd The Rest of The World.

Atsushi AK Kimura
Founder message
PACHS Corporation

Dear Corporate executives and Human Development managers,
Thank you for visiting PACHS Corporation site.

Our Goal:

Where do you have a look at this website? Is it from New York, Milan, Singapore, or Shanghai? We are the producer who trains people to change the world. Most Japanese tend to be shy and moderate by nature. But they take things seriously and are excellent in teamwork. Their value of diligence is sure to set a good example for those around the globe.

I was born and raised in Japan, aspiring for businesses in the global market. It is obvious that I was influenced by my grandfather who owned his trading company and father working for a "sogo-shosha" or general trading company. When I engaged in marketing at the U.S. headquartered-company, the colleagues often told me: "Unlike typical Japanese, you are open-minded and easy to understand what you are. Also you are energetic, consistent with your principle and lifestyle and a partygoer!"

PACHS will globally produce a win-win business situation in human development in addition to collaboration in creating products.

Column - "Attractive Japan"

Well-organized Public Transport
It is just a 1-hour travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo. You may be surprised just to get on a train when arriving at Tokyo. "A lattice-like pattern of railways stretches very nicely! And they are being in operation dead on schedule!"
"Cleaned perfectly in the train, no trash is there. People hardly talk on the cell phone, being quite following the rule." "Guess Japan must be very safe and peaceful as seen in the train so many people are sleeping."

There are intelligent buildings around the Tokyo station and the Imperial Palace overlooking lush greenery.

Excellent Food:
You will enjoy cuisine of every country of the world in Tokyo. The restaurants serve you not only the highest quality of Japanese dishes but other countries.

Beautiful Four Seasons:
You may watch cherry blossoms in spring, sunflower in summer, colored leaves in autumn and snowy landscape in winter. Such changes in color and climate by season lead to Japanese sensibility.

Quality Services:
Shop clerks provide great hospitality to their guests at a souvenir shop in Asakusa, a mom-and-pop candy store in Nihonbashi and an even luxury bar in Roppongi. You will also be impressed with superb customer services in Uniqlo apparel stores, Tokyo Disneyland and Kabukiza, a theater for kabuki in Ginza, Tokyo.

Great Products:
Although Japan is a small country without natural resources in eastern Asia, she boasts a variety of the remarkable brands that include Honda, Nintendo and Panasonic. Because the quality of the products are surprisingly highest in the world, you will never have any trouble in using them for a longer period of time.

Why don't you enjoy such the good aspects of Japan?

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Born in Hyogo-prefecture in 1960 Graduated Kobe University Bachelor of Business, 1982 Graduated Aoyama Gakuin University Master of Business Administration, 2004 13 years working experience for an American-based global company 5 years for a Japanese trading company as a sales and marketing representative Love Surfing, Golf and Parties. Policy: "Do my best everyday!"