【My Apartment’s Drama concluding part】


Concerning tree logging trouble in my Apartment, the claimers began to commence the next operation preparing for the general meeting of total sections on next Sunday. They had a meeting with a manager who supports administrative task for three and a half hours.

They requested a manager to speak in the general meeting as follows at the stand point of professional,
“Concerning tree logging trouble, I will apologize it not to guide officers properly.
We didn’t build enough consensus with residents in advance.
Next year we should make a substantial planting plan,so we should add some special adviser in addition to existing officers.”

Fortunately the manager informed us their request before the general meeting. And three of officers including me rejected their request.

The claimers didn’t get a good answer from the manager so they circulated another defamatory literature agitating residents on Friday.
Officers had a meeting on Saturday preparing the countermeasure against the claimers not to repeat the conflict in the general meeting of medium section.

On Sunday we held the general meeting of total sections. Of course the claimers stated their opinions but the chairman smoothly expedited proceedings backed up with supportive opinions and other officers’ supports. As a result we could completed the meeting for three hours which was one hour less than expected.

My term of office expired at the end of May. Owing to this claimers, the connection among officers deepened. I had a good time and enjoyed a lot.
Thank you very much for all of officers!

【My Apartment’s Drama 1st part】


We had a trouble in the annual general meeting of my apartment in this May concerning tree logging issue which was not included in the bills.
My apartment is divided three sections,that is, Medium,Upper and High-rised.
The management society consists of each section and total sections.
The term of office is a year till the end of May and I was an auditor of Middle section double as total sections.

It all started in August,2016 Sophora japonica fell down for strong typhoon wind.
So our Environment Director consulted gardening experts and advisers,decided to cut down twenty trees for caring resident safety in the total governing board meeting. We publicized it a month before cutting down but managed to hold the explanatory meeting after cutting down.

I heard some claimers denounced our Environment Director and Chief Executive Director very severely so the meeting was in wild confusion.

And in the annual general meeting of medium section the same claimers spoke one after another,
“Your decision of cutting down was wrong. Stop ordering that gardening company. You don’t do the proper management. Apologize to us concerning your wrong judgement. Plant the trees to the original state.”
They stated illogical and confused opinions.

There were a couple of positive supporters for us but we were in a disadvantageous situation. So after an hour’s argue I spoke as an auditor.
“To be sure we should hold an explanatory meeting before cutting down. However,we believe we made a right decision and a proper action after hearing professional advice.
And we did our best to think about resident safety and getting lush greenery.
I will appreciate it if you would kindly understand it.”

Many executives thanked me after this meeting.
But after this meeting defamatory literature circulated by a claimer.(To be continued)

【Chief of staff】


I saw A san,who was one of the participants in our manager training for our client and drank with him in the party. He was much older than other managers and looked quite different. So I asked him and found he worked for Air Self-Defense Force and he was a pilot of Blue Impulse.

He joined Air Self-Defense Force after graduating high school in Iwate. And he developed his career through the hard training. He joined this client because CEO directly negotiated him. He met CEO by chance in the bar,talked and hit it off together. He didn’t know a corporation and a role in this company. However he decided to join because this reliable CEO runs this company.

He had a crew cut and compact built body for his constant training. He was frank, thoughtful nice guy and had a leadership spirit. I realized why CEO was pleased with him. He liked Sake and we drank a lot unconsciously for the talk going well.

And next day I was surprised to hear he was a chief of staff. Generally speaking the elite officers after graduating Defense Academy promote to be a chief of staff. It is rare case high school graduates promote to be that position.

There are many different people in this world.
I think CEO T san is a great person to recruit such kind of special talent.

【Victory after five years】


R san,the representative of our club and P san,getting high advance reviews & former our club president competed in Toastmasters District 76(Japan nationwide) speech contest in this GW.

T san,hearing both speeches several times,told,
“I believe P san will defeat R san predominantly.”

To tell the truth P san is a gay.
He discloses his gay’s history,change of heart and his desire toward general people.
That is a deep and thought-provoking story.
He is a good speaker but this is the first time to compete in nationwide contest.

On the other hand,R san got 1st prize in 2010 & 2012 and 2nd prize last year.
His message is very clear and easy to understand.
And he makes a dramatical and entertaining speech with a lot of humor.
He is a real great speaker.

And I heard both speeches.
It was the fourth time to hear R san’s speech, in our Club,Area,Division & District contest but it was tremendously modified and brushed up. That was the best and perfect speech!
It was my first time to hear P san’s speech.
To be sure the contents are very rich,serious and wonderful.
But I expected a little more setting the audience roaring with laughter.
In my personal evaluation R san would defeat P san by a narrow margin.

Finally contest chair announced the award.
R san got the third victory after five years as I expected.
I am really glad and proud of him as his club president.

【Reader Model】


U san,My surfing-mates, uploaded his stylish photo on Instagram looked like a shot in the commercial studio during GW. I wondered where he was taken that picture but didn’t ask him.

I went to the sea in Ibaraki with another surfing-mates except U san during GW.
We usually surf in Kashima area but I kun recommended northern point might have better waves so we moved there. To be sure the point was not so crowded and we could catch small and fun waves.

After surfing, one of my friends proposed,
“Why don’t you take a picture with some natural pose over there?”

I visited that point after several years and found the seaside road was enlarged after the embankment so we could easily park along that road. In addition, the new gray seawall of two meter’s height was built and it was very good background for taking pictures.
I realized, ”U san was taken his photo at this point!”

I kun,H kun and I were taken a photo with having a pleasant chat.
I uploaded that photo on Facebook.
Then one of my friends commented,
“WOW! What a stylish photo that is! You look like reader’s model in the fashion magazine!”

As he commented, our action was quite natural with simple background.
I’m glad to be taken a memorable great shot!

【Guest from Shenyang】


J san,the president of Toastmasters Club in Shenyang visited our club as a guest.

I asked him for my evaluator because that role had not been fixed and he seemed to have enough skill as an evaluator.
I made an entertaining speech and he evaluated very positively,
“You are a unique and fantastic performer I have never seen! Wonderful!”

He looks young and outgoing,so I invited him drinking & eating party after the meeting.
He joined it and sat next to me.
He told,
“I work for GE in China and joined Toastmasters two years ago. It is a great system that we can visit any toastmasters club in any cities in the world,see the common toastmasters and enjoy together. This is my fourth visit to Japan including business trip.

I searched Tokyo Toastmasters Website, and was pleased with “Tokyo TMC is NO.1 Club in Japan!” then visited your club. And I was surprised to find energetic atmosphere and high quality level of speeches more than expected. In addition, you have a lot of diversities and long history. If I lived in Tokyo, I would like to join this club right now!”

Cool and stylish Chinese,J san, let’s meet again sometime, somewhere!

【First Victory】


I began to organize a golf competition among my playfellows named Sur”H”ers’ Cup in 2010.

I have been a regular organizer four times a year but never been a winner. I got five times of second place and four times of third place among twenty-six competitions.
Handicap is reduced 30% of the first place,20% of the second and 10% of the third.
And we revise handicap every two years.
So if we get more 2nd or third place, we will reduce the chance of victory.

This time(27th) we could compete fairly because the timing was just after the revision of handicap.

This year I had consecutive bad scores because I had tenosynovitis in my right finger.
But I got 41 of last half playing with a lady’s professional golfer last time.
I keep her advice in my mind,
“Turn your body horizontally and weight your left leg after swinging your club.”

I got a wonderful first shot with my driver and carried my ball on the fairway. And I carried my second shot to the green edge and finished par in the first hall. Though I got double bogey for three puts in the sixth hall, I finished 41 of first half with five pars.

I was also in the splendid condition in the last half, especially the driver and iron shots were good. Fairway keeping ratio was more than 70% and par-on ratio was 55%,they were two times higher than usual. It was a pity that I got triple bogey in the thirteenth hall for falling my ball in the pond but I got 83 with ten pars.

In the award ceremony,
“Congratulations! AK got the first victory and the best gross with five under par of net score!”

I was really glad to realize my long-cherished wish!
That was the exciting and fantastic day to get many celebrations.
This year I will make a commitment to renew my best score!

【New Desk】


Ten years have passed since I moved my office here.
I bought a new desk & chair for the previous ones got old and rickety.

A new desk is woody and chic.
The previous desk was equipped a bookshelf so it was convenient but a little oppressive.
This time I put a woody bookshelf at the side of the desk so I feel better to see the front and window view.

I feel brighter when I enter the office.
A new chair is stately black & red and stylish,which is in harmony with the desk.
It is a little inconvenient I have less space to put my documents placed flat but I will manage it soon.

This time I threw many things away which I have not used for a long time. And I decorate the upper stage of a bookshelf with some ornaments and cactus.

Owing to this new desk,chair and bookshelf I create brand-new surrounding of my office and do my desk work more comfortably.

【Cherry Blossom in Shukugawa】


I was born and have lived in Ashiya,Hyogo for twenty years.

My parents moved to Shukugawa,next station in Hankyu railway after I found employment and moved to Tokyo.
When I talk to Kansai people,
“My mother lives in Shukugawa.”
Most of them tell,
“Shukugawa,you can see the beautiful cherry blossom,can’ you?”

But I didn’t live in Shukugawa and didn’t see the cherry blossom there.
Therefore I couldn’t help replying for these thirty years,
“Yes,it is evidently so. I’d love to see it..”

This year I had an appointment with my client located on Nagoya on Apr.12th.
The cheery-blossoms fall in usual year but they were not in full bloom in beginning of April especially in Kansai this year. Chidorigafuchi in Tokyo was finally in full bloom on Apr.6th.Shukugawa was three-quarter in bloom on the same day.
So I thought,
“I may have a chance to see Shukugawa’s cherry this year.”

I had an another appointment on Apr.12th evening in Nagoya area and would go to Yokohama at 10:30 on Apr.13th.
Originally I planned to go back to Tokyo on Apr.12th and to go to Yokohama next day.
But I changed my plan to stay my mother’s home on Apr.12th and to take a walk looking at Cherry blossom for Shukugawa station early in the next morning.

It was lucky for me that we had a great weather on Apr.13th.
And I could finally see beautiful enough cherry blossom in Shukugawa. That was a splendid good combination between pink cherry trees and green pine trees.
Both Megurogawa and Shukugawa are beautiful but the taste is different.
Shukugawa is wonderful harmony with the nature.

I would like to see it again when it is in full bloom.

【Stoic Friends】


M san is one of Toastmaster’s friends with whom I drank after the Area Contest.

He began to run a full marathon four years before inspired by T san.
In those days he had a metabolic syndrome and lost his weight 15 kilogram. He runs every morning for five kilometers and for 2-300 kilometers monthly.
Recently his best time is about just three hours.
He was an Ekiden player when he was in his high school so he can run fast by nature.
By the way he is 51 years old.

On the other hand, T san is our Area 45 Director who had an impact on M san concerning full marathon. He also had a metabolic syndrome 15 years before, began to run every day and lost his weight more than 10 kilogram. He got his best time three hours and twenty minutes this year. And his performance was 2 wins and 1 loss against M san.
By the way he is 67 years old.

He is not an ordinary man who runs such a fast pace at this age.
I didn’t know he is such a tough guy before I drank and talked with him because he seemed to be a kind and calm gentleman.

So I was surprised,
“What a stoic guy T san is!”

No matter the age, there are some super stoic guys in this world!